Caruana on top of the (U16) world

I told that yesterday and I repeat: I will report on Kasparov's lecture in Milan as soon as possible. I will leave for Rome tomorrow morning and I won't be able to update this Blog (and my Italian site www.messaggeroscacchi.it) for a few days, but I think I will have the possibility to write an article on my fiancée's lap-top along the week. Keep connected. I know you will miss my very interesting posts :-) (yeah, sure...): you can read some articles I wrote for www.chess.com if you miss me so much (http://www.chess.com/members/view/mida is the direct link to my profile: you can find there the list of my posts).
And now let's speak about ratings... Fide released the July list and Italy can say "hurrà": 14 years old IM Fabiano Caruana is the most rated U16 player of the world! Famous "wunderkinds" such as Indian GM Parimarjan Negi and Chinese wGM Hou Yifan are behind him: congratulations, Fabiano! Caruana, with his 2549 rating, is also the #1 Italian player of the list, although GM Michele Godena is very close at 2547. And what's about the top players? Vishy Anand consolidates his lead arising at 2792 (+6), Vladimir Kramnik is on second place at 2769 (-3), Veselin Topalov is third at 2768 (-4). Super-Chuky is just a few points behind the Bulgarian at 2762 (+33). Michael Adams seems to have a twin brother: for some reasons he is both 14th and 25th in the list (but his "weaker brother" has no Fide title :-) ). Hopefully Fide will correct this mistake soon. More details on www.fide.com.
Vladimir Kramnik has defended his last-year title and scored 8th victory in Dortmund over the last 15 years. Vlad's participation was confirmed only one day before the start as he was struggling with respiratory infection. The illness left no scars on his determination: the World champion played nice games and used all the opportunities to score full points. Tied on second place were Russian champion Evgeny Alekseev, Vishy Anand and Peter Leko, all with single win and six draws. Kramnik, Anand and Leko are probably happy with their performances before the Mexico World Championsip. Fourth Mexico participant, Boris Gelfand, arrived in Dortmund after two exhausting Candidate matches and was not at his best: he was placed only seventh on 2.5 (two losses and five draws). Official site: http://www.sparkassen-chess-meeting.de/. Final report (in Italian) on my site www.messaggeroscacchi.it (direct link: www.messaggeroscacchi.it/mondo/dortmund07.html).
Now I have to prepare my bag and I need to sleep at least six hours :-)... so, please forgive me: no annotated game, again.

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