Arvier: Brunello fights for GM norm

Go Sabino, go! The young IM Sabino Brunello, who lives in the surroundings of Bergamo (my town :-) ), share second place in the European Union championship in Arvier (Italy), after beating French GM Erik Prie in round 7. Brunello is on the way to his first GM norm: he will face Swedish GM Evgenij Agrest in tomorrow's round and, in case of a victory (but a draw should be good, too), he would be very close to this target. Serbian GM Nikola Sedlak still leads alone on 6 points, after a draw against Italian champion Michele Godena, but five players are just half a point behind him now: Godena and Brunello themselves, Irish GM Alexander Baburin, Agrest and Slovakian GM Tomas Likavsky. Top boards of round 8: Baburin-Sedlak; Brunello-Agrest; Godena-Likavsky; Borgo-Luther; Vocaturo-Sulava. Official site: www.scacchivda.com.
Israeli GM Michael Roiz took first in the "Gorenje 2007" tournament, held in Valjevo (Serbia) in June 13 to today. Roiz scored 6.5 points out of 9, winning on tie break over Turkish GM Suat Atalik, both remaining unbeaten. Anatolij Karpov was placed third on 5.5: not a bad performance by the Russian GM and former world champion, who lost only to Roiz in round 7, but this way he will never come back in the top 20 list (you have to be on 2700 in this moment to own to the "tops" club), as he is on 2668 and he gained only 1 point from this tourney. Probably he is not even interested in that, anyway, since he drew his last round game against Slovenian GM Dusko Pavasovic (who was placed 9th-10th) after only 10 moves. Official site: www.chessdom.com.
Sergej Karjakin, Alexei Shirov and Vassily Ivanchuk share the lead on 2.5/4 in the Aerosvit supertournament in Yalta (Ukraine). Van Wely, after losing his first two games, was the only winner in round 4 (against Ukrainian Dmitry Jakovenko) and is now on 2 with six (!!) more players: Alexander Onischuk, Lenier Dominguez, Krishnan Sasikiran, Peter Svidler, Jakovenko and Pavel Eljanov. This means that anything can still happen. Official site: http://www.ukrchess.org.ua/aerosvit2007/index_e.htm.
Poll for "The 2007 Queen - May" is now open: you can vote the best game of the last month at http://www.messaggeroscacchi.it/public/sondaggio/vota5.php, you can watch games at http://www.messaggeroscacchi.it/chessviewer/maggio07.html or download them at http://www.messaggeroscacchi.it/zip/maggio07.zip. Italian players can also start sending their June games.
And now here is today's brilliant win by Van Wely in the Aerosvit super-tournament.

Van Wely,L (2674) - Jakovenko,D (2708) [E15], Yalta 21.6.2007
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 b6 4.g3 Ba6 5.b3 Bb4+ 6.Bd2 Be7 7.Nc3 c6 8.e4 d5 9.Qe2!?
This move was first played by Belarussian player Viacheslav Dydyshko 25 years ago. 9.e5 is the main line here.
The game Dydyshko-Salov, URS ch 1982, continued 9...0–0 10.e5 Nfd7 11.Qe3 Re8 12.Bd3 c5 13.cxd5 cxd4 14.Qxd4 Bc5 15.Qe4 Bxd3 16.Qxd3 exd5 17.0–0–0 Nc6 18.Ng5 Nf8 19.f4 h6 20.Nf3 with chances for both sides.
10.Nxe4 Bb7 11.Neg5!
A (strong) new move. Both Dydyshko-Kruszynski, Rubinstein Mem 1993, and Sinkovics-Farago, Hungary 1986, continued 11.Bg2 c5 12.Nfg5 Nxe4 13.Nxe4 Nc6 14.dxc5 and now 14...bxc5 and 14...Nd4!? look the best alternatives.
11...h6 12.Nxf7! Kxf7 13.Ne5+ Kg8 14.Bh3 Bc8 15.Ng6 White would have a very promising attack anyway.
12.Bh3 h6?!
Probably not a smart choice. White wants to sacrifice his piece anyway, why Black loses a tempo to force him to do that? 12...Nbd7 looks better, e.g.: 13.Nxf7 Rxf7 14.Bxe6 Nf8 15.Bxf7+ Kxf7 16.0–0 Kg8 17.Rfe1 Bd6 and Black holds on.
13.Nxe6! fxe6 14.Bxe6+ Kh8 15.Ne5
Now White has a powerful attack.
If 15...g5 then 16.Ng6+ Kg7 17.Nxf8 Bxf8 18.Qe3 with the idea h2-h4 and Black's defence is very hard.
16.0–0 Bd6 17.Ng6+ Kh7 18.Bf5!
18.Nxf8+ Bxf8 19.Rad1 was a clear way to get a permanent advantage, but Van Wely wants even more!
19.Be3 Qc3
Forced again.
20.Rad1 Ba3
20...Qb4 would give Van Wely a strong attack anyway: 21.Qd3! Bc7 22.Be6! Rxe6 23.Nf8+ Kh8 (23...Kg8 24.Nxe6 Qe7 25.Nxc7 Qxc7 26.Bf4 Qc8 27.Rfe1) 24.Nxe6 Qe7 25.Nxc7 Qxc7 26.Bf4 Qc8 27.Rfe1 and White is much better.
What a pity! Van Wely misses a win by force: 21.Ne7+ Kh8 22.Bd4! Qa5 (22...Qxd4 23.Ng6+ Kh7 24.Ne5+ Kg8 25.Rxd4+-; 22...Rxe7 23.Bxf6!+-) 23.c5! Nbd7 (23...bxc5 24.Bxf6+-; 23...Bxc5 24.Bxf6+-) 24.Bxd7+-
A horrible blunder: after 21...Na6 22.g4 Kg8 23.h4 Nb4! 24.g5 Nc2 25.gxf6 Qxf6 Black can continue fighting.
22.Bxc8 Rxc8 23.Qf5 Re8 24.Bd4 Qa5 25.c5!
Now Black's position is simply hopless.
The computer move 25...Bb2 was the only chance to prolong the resistance, although after 26.Bxb2 Qxc5 27.Be5 Kg8 28.b4! White wins anyway.
26.Ne7+ Rxe7 27.Bxf6 Rd7
Last mistake, but Black's position was lost.
28.Qg6 1–0
Now Jakovenko can't avoid mate, so he resigned.


BAM said...

Buonasera a tutti, volevo sapere se mida gioca online..quel "I was a chess player" non mi piace affatto.Inoltre vedendo alcune sue partite sono convinto che un giocatore del genere non può "appendere il pedone al chiodo", almeno non al suo buon livello..

Mida said...

Mida has not completely quit chess. And, yes, he sometimes plays on-line games or tournaments :-). The last on-line event I took part in was the VIII Internet Chess Tournament "Ciudad de Dos Hermanas", last March (http://www.chessclub.com/resources/event/doshermanas2007). I got a 8/12 score in "Qualifier-12" (my nickname was... "mida75", of course!), where I played against some strong opponents and beat one GM and one IM among the others. But this was a blitz tourney... I don't have much time to play classical events at the moment, but I hope I'll play at least one next year...
Best wishes!