Vishy the #1 and Euro champ in Dresden

After several complaints for not including Morelia/Linares in the April list, Fide Rating Commission has agreed to add this tourney (as well as the Gibtelecom Masters) in a corrected list. Anand has now 2786 points, 14 more than Topalov and World Champion Vladimir Kramnik. Morozevich is 4th at 2762 after his brilliant comeback in Spain. Here is April top 20 with the addition of Morelia/Linares: 1. Anand, Viswanathan (IND) 2786; 2. Topalov, Veselin (BUL) 2772; 3. Kramnik, Vladimir (RUS) 2772; 4. Morozevich, Alexander (RUS) 2762; 5. Aronian, Levon (ARM) 2759; 6. Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar (AZE) 2757; 7. Radjabov, Teimour (AZE) 2747; 8. Leko, Peter (HUN) 2738; 9. Svidler, Peter (RUS) 2736; 10. Adams, Michael (ENG) 2734; 11. Gelfand, Boris (ISR) 2733; 12. Ivanchuk, Vassily (UKR) 2729; 13. Polgar, Judit (HUN) 2727; 14. Navara, David (CZE) 2720; 15. Ponomariov, Ruslan (UKR) 2717; 16. Grischuk, Alexander (RUS) 2717; 17. Bacrot, Etienne (FRA) 2709; 18. Jakovenko, Dmitry (RUS) 2708; 19. Kamsky, Gata (USA) 2705; 20. Shirov, Alexei (ESP) 2699. The full list is available on the Fide official site: http://www.fide.com/.
Waiting for Mtel Masters and Candidates tourney, a very strong competition starts tomorrow in Dresden (Germany): the 2007 Individual European Championships. Note that Dresden will also be the venue of 2008 Chess Olympiads, scheduled from November 12 to 26. About 400 players will fight in the main event for the European crown: 59 of them have a 2600+ rating and the Elo favourite is Ukrainian Vassily Ivanchuk (2729). Some other big names are: Dmitry Jakovenko (2708), Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu (2693), Sergej Karjakin (2686), Pavel Eljanov (2686), Vladimir Malakhov (2679), Francisco Vallejo Pons (2676), Zoltan Almasi (2675), Loek Van Wely (2674), Sergei Tiviakov (2663), etc. Keep an eye on Italian players: GM Michele Godena (2558) and 14 y.o. IM Fabiano Caruana (2523), who scored a GM norm last month in Budapest, will be tough opponents for everyone, as well as IM Federico Manca (2424). In the april Fide list Caruana is the second most rated U16 player in the world. Congratulations!
In the women's tournament nine players of the top 20 of the world will participate. Heading the current list of participants is Antoaneta Stefanova (2496) from Bulgaria, who is currently ranked number 8 of the world. Official site: http://www.dresden2008.de.

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