Sabino, an italian king for Scotland

Sabino Brunello is a 17 years old IM, one of the youngest in Italy. He was born on 14th april 1989 and played his first tournament about 8 years ago; three years later, in 2002, he had 2223 in the Fide rating list. Perhaps you can't call him a prodigy, but his family must have chess in blood: his sister Roberta, born in 1991, won the female national championship last august; his sister Marina, 1994, was one of the youngest player in 2006 Chess Olympiad (she's the U12 female italian champion, too).
But let's focus on Sabino: last sunday, 11th March, he won the first edition of Quality Chess Rapid in Edinburgh, Scotland, beating two GMs in a four-player knockout tournament. His first victim was scottish GM Colin McNab (5-3), then he won the final against romanian GM and Elo favourite Mihail Marin (3.5-2.5). The fourth player was scottish champion Jonathan Grant, who lost both his matches. Congratulations Sabino! Here is one of the decisive blitz game of the final.

Brunello, S (2468) - Marin, M (2549) [B07], Edinburgh 11.03.2007
1. e4 d6 2. d4 Nf6 3. Nc3 g6 4. Be3 c6 5. Qd2 Nbd7 6. f3 b5 7. h4 h5 8. Nh3 Qc7 9. Ng5 Nb6 10. Bd3 Bb7 11. O-O-O Bg7 12. e5 dxe5 13. dxe5 Qxe5 14. Bf4 Qc5 15. Nce4 Nxe4 16. Nxe4 Qd5 $13 17. Kb1 O-O-O 18. Qa5 Qd4 19. Bc1 Qa4 20. Qe1 Qd4 21. Qa5 Qa4 22. Qe1 Qd4 23. Nd2 Na4 24. Qxe7 Nxb2 25. Nb3 Qc3 26. Bf4 Rd7 27. Bf5 1-0

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